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Bschüssig - Without Egg

A real Swiss pasta taste without eggs? Yes it's possible!

Why travel for long distances when you can enjoy pasta with a southern touch in the comfort of your own home? This traditional Swiss brand is proud to present the youngest member of the BSCHÜSSIG pasta family, with a new and timeless design, which is produced from the purest semolina and water.It will make the heart of every pasta aficionado, who loves all things Italian, beat faster.

Whether serving classic spaghetti Napoletana, or spaghetti with a «Ragu» sauce (also known as Bolognese sauce), penne al`arrabiata or simply shell shaped Lumaconi, BSCHÜSSIG Napoli keeps its promise of both quality and taste. Nowadays people with allergies would also like to enjoy pasta without egg and now there is no need to compromise.

BSCHÜSSIG pasta are available at various Swiss food retail stores, the factory outlet in Frauenfeld or at the online-shop:


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