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Bschüssig - Premium

BSCHÜSSIG – Ultimativer Teigwarengenuss seit 1876

The top of the range of our Swiss pasta brand Bscchüssig is our Premium Line with laminated 3-egg pappardelle, tagliatelle noodle nests and Chinese Noodless, all produced with 100 % Swiss free-range eggs. These products come with the highest level of Swiss pasta production into your kitchen, and automatically every meal makes your day!

Pappardelle: The laminated noodles have a width of 18 mm.

Tagliatelle: These laminated noodle nestes have a width of 6 mm. They are available as "normal" 3-egg pasta, but also with different flavours like chili, porcino, saffron and seasonal in spring time with wild garlic. Enjoy the special taste!

Chinese Noodles: With a width of 2mm they are the smallest laminated noodle nest of the Premium Line and fit perfectly to a nice piece of meat or can also be used as a soup ingredient.

BSCHÜSSIG and the Swiss Wrestling Sport

BSCHÜSSIG pasta are available in various Swiss food retail stores, the factory outlet in Frauenfeld or at the online-shop:


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