Here you'll find the Pasta Premium Factory outlet

The Pasta Premium Factory Shop

Welcome to our brand new Factory Shop and dive into the paradise of Swiss pasta in Frauenfeld (Canton Thurgau / TG). Our new location at nearly the same address (Breitenstrasse 2B) is bright and friendly and we have more space to present all our specialities in a new manner. For sure you will find here all our traditional Swiss brands line BSCHÜSSIG, Ernst, La Chinoise, Ami and Trattoria, and much more around our pasta production! Specialites in various shapes and flavours and special occasions, all the time in the 1a-Quality of Pasta Premium.

Ask also for our gluten-free pasta, or maybe you are looking for Bio-Quality?

There is always a relation to our Swiss pasta, even when you are looking for a special gift or present. The Sortiment in our factory store is finally added by many regional and other, but only Swiss brands, all around cooking and enjoyment with food.

Welcome to our Pasta Paradise

 190401 Beschriftung Front Var2a

 190521 Bild Fabrikladen 1

 190521 Bild Fabrikladen 2

 190521 Bild Fabrikladen 3

190521 Bild Fabrikladen 4

190521 Bild Fabrikladen 5

190521 Bild Fabrikladen 6

190521 Bild Fabrikladen 7







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