The legendary «Ernst-Song»
Listen to the "ancient" Ernst-Song from an old TV-Spot.

You can download it here as an MP3 audio file… FInd also the link: (the image ther shwos the former and old logo of the brand «Ernst» Logo, which was in a rectangle shape without round edges…

Formerly this brand was available in every Swiss food retail store.

The legendary "Ernst-Song" in MP3 Format

The original text in Swiss German:
Mier händ hötte öppis Guet’s
öppis bodig Guet’s
öppis bsundrig Guet’s

Ernst Teigware, Ernst Teigware
ond schlanki Fröleins hend’s au gern

Ja, ja de Ernst hed s’Bescht
für Chli und Gross und au Gäscht

Teigware vom Ernst, Ernst Ernst…
es Fäscht!

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